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Challenge #2: Mary Stu, Gary Sue
by she who devours (laverinth)
at February 22nd, 2006 (11:15 am)

I'd once again like to thank everyone who participated in the first diricawl_way challenge. You're all awesome, and I'll be making banners for each of you soon. If there are any more questions regarding the first challenge, feel free to post them here or in my personnal journal.

For those of you just joining us, don't forget to read the FAQ.

Mary Stu, Gary Sue

One of the most commonly created and commonly complained about sort of original character in fanfiction is the Mary Sue (or the less common male counterpart, the Gary Stu). Anyone who's read any decent amount of fanfiction - especially those my younger authors, has most likely come across this type of character before.

For some examples of Mary Sues and the like, visit journals such as deleterius, pottersues, and babb_chronicles. (Note that these places make fun of these sort of characters.)

For more information on the nature of a Sue, see here.

If you haven't already guessed, the idea of this next challenge is to create your own sue. Creativity is the key, and the more creative (and less of a repeat of your everyday all-powerful Sue) the better.

Here's the catch - the gender of your character must be in question. Hence the challenge title.

There are many, many ways you can go about doing this, and I don't want to go on listing them because I know people will want to think up their own. You can do art or fic for this challenge (or both) as usual. If you want to include a doll (such as those from eLouai's Candybar Doll Maker) you may - however a doll does not count as an art entry.

No matter what you enter with, please include a small bit of general information using the format below.

Character's name:
Eye Color(s):
Hair Color(s):
Other features:
Relation to canon characters:
Special Traits:
Short bio:

You MAY do a canon Sue. (More information on that is in the link above.) Hermione-Sues are one of the more popular in fandom.

Your entry must, for obvious reasons, be part of the Harry Potter fandom.

The nature of this challenge is a bit tricky. Do not use this challenge as a means of making fun of gays, lesbians, transexuals, etc. Making fun of any group of people is not allowed in this competition and can result in your disqualification or removal. Making fun of a genre is fine. (For example, you can make fun of anime, but please avoid making fun of the Japanese in general.)

Challenge Example:

Character's name: Gary Sue Androdjenie
Eye Color(s): one red, one gold
Hair Color(s): purple with pink highlights
Other features: a tatoo of a unicorn on the left butt cheek
Relation to canon characters: has a mad crush on Neville Longbottom
Special Traits: is impervious to most curses - killing curse included - except for those used primarily for sex
Short bio: Gary is muggleborn, but found out at about eleven years old that wizards existed, and of course just had to become one. Induction into Hogwarts followed almost immediately, as did a sorting into Ravenclaw. The hair, eyes, and other special abilities happened after an incident in sixth year involving a potions mishap.



Posted by: lilyayl (lilyayl)
Posted at: February 25th, 2006 01:55 am (UTC)

What exactly constitutes making fun of GBLT, etc?

Posted by: she who devours (laverinth)
Posted at: February 25th, 2006 05:51 am (UTC)
furry little problem

If you think there's a good chance it will offend several people, don't do it.

Posted by: Crocky (crocky_wock)
Posted at: March 10th, 2006 08:55 pm (UTC)

I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make that deadline, sorry. :(
There's tons of essays coming up next week and I haven't written a word yet.

Posted by: she who devours (laverinth)
Posted at: March 10th, 2006 09:06 pm (UTC)
remus and my b-day!!

S'okay. I may end up extending it due to lack of entries.

Posted by: Crocky (crocky_wock)
Posted at: April 3rd, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)

Hey there,

short question: has the deadline for the second challenge been extended or not? It's been ages, I know. :D

Posted by: she who devours (laverinth)
Posted at: April 3rd, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)

If you're still wanting to enter something for it, you can go ahead. I haven't officially closed it up, yet. I don't think I'll be having a challenge for April. Gonna throw out some questions instead, most likely.

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