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Ren [userpic]
Challenge #1
by Ren (twilight_nyx)
at February 11th, 2006 (08:09 pm)

current mood: nervous
current song: Loose Ends - Imogen Heap

Author's name: twilight_nyx
Title: Case of the Dancing Stars
Characters: Trio, Gryff. Boys, Ginny, & Scabbers
Rating: Pg for slight language
Challenge: Challenge #1 - Stars and Scabbers
Notes: Erm... 'lo everyone. I'm a bit nervous about this, but here we go. o.o
Link: here

she who devours [userpic]
- Mod Post -
by she who devours (laverinth)
at February 10th, 2006 (03:29 pm)

This is just a friendly reminder that there are 10 days left for this first challenge. I'm glad people have been particiapting. Please feel free to help pimp this community out, as there's still time left for this one and there will be more challenges in the future!

Thank you!

Crocky [userpic]
Challenge #1
by Crocky (crocky_wock)
at February 9th, 2006 (10:36 am)

Artist's Name: crocky_wock

Title: Scabbers (Creative, ain't I?)

Rating: G

Challenge: see title

Notes: My first attempt to properly colour and shade with photoshop. Other than that, the idea was to rectify the fact that the producers of the cuddly toy obviously did not have Scabbers-the-human in mind when writing their ad. Didn't come round to adding the pink tail, though. ;)


he_he_helupin [userpic]
Challege #1
by he_he_helupin (he_he_helupin)
at February 4th, 2006 (10:36 pm)

Artist's name: he_he_helupin
Title: Mouse In Trouble
Characters: Scabbers
Rating: G possibly mild PG
Challenge: #1
Notes: This was very interesting. I couldn't really craw mice heads so I just drew the nose and ears. I like how it turned out.

Read more...Collapse )

pronounced potter mead without the mmmmm [userpic]
Challenge #1
by pronounced potter mead without the mmmmm (potteread)
at January 25th, 2006 (05:04 pm)
current song: Zero - Smashing Pumpkins

Artist's name: Joli Boli potteread
Title: History Repeats
Characters: Percy and Scabbers
Rating: G
Challenge: Challenge #1
Notes: Back in book one when Ron tries to show Harry a spell
the twins teach him to turn Scabbers yellow... same concept but
this time it's the older siblings. Check out his undies. :P

History RepeatsCollapse )

THE HUMANESS [ - Aeryn Elizabeth - ] [userpic]
Challenge #1
by THE HUMANESS [ - Aeryn Elizabeth - ] (peacekeeper)
at January 25th, 2006 (10:05 am)

current mood: hopeful

Artist's name: Liz
Title: Rats have to Chew
Characters: Scabbers
Rating: G
Challenge: #01 - Stars and Scabbers
Notes: I kinda doodled this while watching Stargate. In hindsight, I shoulda made the background black. Anyway, after this, Scabbers found something ELSE to use to grind down his constantly growing teeth. Hope this is posted right. I'm always shy about the first. XD

Rats have to ChewCollapse )

she who devours [userpic]
I always forget something... Several things, usually..
by she who devours (laverinth)
at January 24th, 2006 (09:07 am)

While I hadn't counted on icons/photo manips being included in the fanart competition for this community (and running them in the same category against pencil/paper/photoshop drawings and such probably wouldn't be the best idea), it has recently been brought to my attention that I didn't even give them a mention in the F.A.Q., which I should have done.

This community isn't very big yet, so I'm not sure if it would be best to open a third category just yet.

So I'm asking this of this community's members - do you think there should be a third category added for icons and photomanipulations? If so, should it be added in time for this challenge or should it wait until there may be more competitors for the subject?

she who devours [userpic]
Just in case...
by she who devours (laverinth)
at January 23rd, 2006 (08:11 am)

The F.A.Q has been updated ever so slightly. (It's barely noticable, but I thought I should mention it anyway.)

I don't expect the challenge entries to start pouring in immendiately, but remember - you can post your entries as soon as you've finished them. Just make a new post in this community following the format in the F.A.Q. As mentioned, it won't show up immediately, as it has to go through moderation, but that most likely won't take any longer than a day (if anywhere close to that).

Happy posting!

she who devours [userpic]
Challenge #1: Stars and Scabbers
by she who devours (laverinth)
at January 19th, 2006 (11:28 pm)

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to Diricawl Way - a Harry Potter challenge community for those of you looking for anything and everything HP. There is no focus in this community - just Harry Potter in general. Please read the F.A.Q. if you haven't already.

To start things off, I have for you our very first challange!Collapse )

Posting starts now! Have fun, you guys!

she who devours [userpic]
The Diricawl Way F.A.Q.
by she who devours (laverinth)
at January 19th, 2006 (07:26 pm)

Read the FAQ!Collapse )

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